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Cinnamon Rolls


Once upon a time, my mom loved Cinnamon Rolls – The End



No… lol. Once upon a time, I knicked a magazine off the airplane – Olive Magazine – and it had mouthwatering pictures of cinnamon rolls right on the front page. Since I couldn’t do anything with that magazine except for dribble all over it as I chomped on stupid plane nuts, I decided to bring the lil’ guy home with me. Got home, added the magazine to my stockpile of magazines, shifted houses, started to set up my new bathroom and decided I’m gonna put magazines in my bathroom just like all other snazzy snooty crazy people. And then, one fine day, while sitting on the toilet seat slightly bored, I saw a certain Olive Magazine peeking from underneath all the Cosmos. I reached out for the now 1 year old magazine, pulling him out from under the dirty rubble of kinky sex tips. I rubbed its smooth warm glossy pages against my face, almost as if I had found a long lost puppy…ok that’s a bit much. Almost as if I had found a long lost…magazine…yep..a long lost magazine. I flipped to the page with the Cinnamon Rolls recipe on it and almost had an epiphany! Except I didn’t. I just had the idea to make cinnamon rolls.

While this seems like a good enough point for me to delve into the recipe, I will not leave my opening statement hanging in mid air without tying it back together into the story ( just so all you English language buffs out there don’t get a heart attack). So my mom loves cinnamon rolls. However, the problem with me bringing my mom and cinnamon rolls together was that…I…am…lazy. And cinnamon rolls (at least the good ones) reside in malls and I didn’t like the fact that I had to chauffeur them over my house every time my mom wanted to have a play date with them. This is why, me stealing that magazine and then RE-finding it was like a revelation from above.

Good enough point to stop rambling and start talking business? I think so…


[Recipe Inspired by Sticky Cinnamon Buns recipe published in Olive Magazine  dated November 2012, pg 7 ]


Cinnamon Rolls


  • Butter                                           50 gm
  • soft brown sugar                      4tbsp
  • cinnamon                                    2tsp
  • Pre-packaged puff pastry     375 gm


Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees Celsius. In the mean time beat the butter together with the sugar and cinnamon.Lay out your pre-rolled puff pastry dough on the counter, spread the cinnamon and butter mixture generously onto the dough and roll it up. Once rolled up cut into 1 inch segments, place on greased baking tray swirly side facing up and gently pat down a little bit. Bake until the puff pastry is nice and golden and until your kitchen starts to smell absolutely heavenly!


Enjoy!! xx

Cinnamon rolls



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