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Chicken & Leek Vol au vents


I swear I’m not obsessed with snazzy french names for everything, thats just what they’re called. *guilty*


They’re basically just little puff pastry cases that are filled with some sort of filling and then om-nommed upon.You can make them both sweet or savoury. Super easy and fun to make and end up looking really classy for some reason (at least to me). You can bake the vol au vent cases a day in advance and just fill them with the filling and rebake for a couple of minutes on the day you will be serving them.

So, I usually make sweet vol au vents with mango and frangipane, but I’ll have to show you how to make those some other day. Right now I wanna share with you my Chicken & Leek vol au vent recipe which I learnt at Culinary School. The filling is really creamy and the Leek gives it a wonderful caramelized onions kind of a flavor. Trust me, these bad boys taste amazing all nice and fresh out of the oven. :D

Before we get started, let me just say this: Do yourself a favor and just use the store bought frozen vol au vent cases!! Same goes for all puff pastry related stuff. In most cases they end up tasting the same as home made puff pastry if not better. (Im not a baker though so I could be wrong :S) But I believe if your life can be made easier somehow, then why not? why the heck not??




IMG_1420_edited final



Chicken & Leek Vol au Vent


  • vol au vent cases                   20
  • Chopped Onions                    60gm
  • Chopped leeks                      60 gm
  • Diced Chicken                         120 gm
  • Flour                                        4 tsp
  • Butter                                      40 gm
  • Cooking Cream                       100 ml
  • Milk                                           120 ml
  • Celery salt                               a pinch
  • Black pepper                           a pinch



Pre heat the Oven at 180 degrees C. Lightly brush the vol au vents cases with a beaten egg and place on a greased baking sheet (straight from the freezer into the oven) . Bake for about 10-12 minutes or until the vol au vents have risen and are slightly golden brown. While the vol au vent cases are baking, you can start making the filling. In a pan heat the butter and throw in the chopped onions and leeks. Saute for about a minute or two and let them sweat. Now throw in the diced chicken and saute for about five minutes together with some celery salt (or just regular salt) and some black pepper. Once the chicken looks somewhat done, sprinkle the flour on top and toss it well. Now add milk and cream and cook until the sauce is nice and thick. The consistency should be nice and gooey so its thick enough to sit on its own inside the cases and not run out from the sides. Pull out the cases from the oven once done and spoon in the filling (about a teaspoon each) once the filling has cooled down a little bit. Oh and don’t forget to crush down the little puff pastry circle in the middle, that’s where the fillin will go. Garnish with some parsley leaves or anything that adds a bit of color. For heaven’s sake don’t use ketchup! Nothing looks more ridiculous than ketchup used for garnishing! I used mint because…that’s all I had :D






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