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Buko Pandan


I just recently tried this really awesome Filipino dessert called Buko Pandan. It’s basically just cream and lots of coconutty awesomeness. Super easy to make and when served in little shot/dessert glasses it looks like a flashy hotel-buffet style dessert hah. It is mind-bogglingly easy to make. All you have to do is make jell-o, add coconut, sweet coconut gel and cream to it and Voila -Tropical exotic sweetness awaits! Since I have already raged about the backstory to this Buko Pandan in my previous post, I think lets keep this one short and sweet. ;)



Here is what you need:

  • Whipping cream (unwhipped)         500 ml
  • Gelatin                                              5 sachets (50gms)
  • Green Food Color                            1 tsp
  • Sugar                                               as required
  • Sweet coconut Gel                           540 gms
  • Coconut pulp                                   100 gms


Start off by making the jell-o. I used five sachets of gelatin powder and each sachet sets 500 ml of water. Add the gelatin to the water, add the food color, sugar and a couple of teaspoons of the syrup from the jar of Sweet Coconut Gel just so that the gelatin has a coconutty essence to it. I also added a little bit of vanilla essence to the gelatin but you don’t have to if you think your jell-o is yummy enough. If you can get your hands on some Pandan or Pandan essence throw some of that in as well for added flavor. Let it set in the fridge and once set, cut said jell-o in 1 cm cubes. Oh and you might wanna set your jell-o in a shallow flat dish. I used two shallow tupperware boxes in order to get my jell-o to only be 1 cm high. Now you need to ask someone big and strong to very carefully chop open a young coconut so you can access the pulp inside it. Orrrr, I hear you can even get sliced “buko” or coconut in the ethnic foods aisle of your supermarket. ( YOUR supermarket, not mine..which is why I had to buy a proper whole coconut). Once the coconut has been magically halved, scrape out the fruit, place on a chopping board and slice it up really thinly. Now grab a Large-ish bowl and pour the whipping cream into it (without whisking it). Gently add the jell-o cubes, Sweet coconut gel cubes together with the syrup in the jar, and sliced coconut. I found that the syrup from the Sweet coconut gel makes my dessert sweet enough but you can add more sugar at this point if you want it sweeter. You can also add more coconut if you want more of a coconutty flavor to it, but I liked mine not having an overpowering taste of coconut. Spoon into small dessert cups, picture yourself on a Tropical Island and slurrpppp away!


buko pandan


Enjoy. xx





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      Because it’s already flavored, and most of the times green jelly is Banana flavored. I suppose you could use it but I didn’t wanna disrespect the coconut by introducing Banana in there. :)


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