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Nasi Goreng

Here’s a really easy recipe with a really snazzy name. It’s basically just fried rice…in Indonesian. I present to you Indonesia’s national dish, Nasi Goreng! Here’s what you need: 500 gms  Cooked Rice 20 ml olive oil a drizzle of  Sesame Oil (a LIGHT drizzle) 2 Eggs 50 gms Prawns (peeled) 50 gms Finely chopped [...]


The Salad Situation

Now let’s face it, Salad is Salad. A salad does not and will not taste like a good juicy hamburger. It will never taste like a fresh out of the oven lasagna with hot cheese oozing out of it. So why do we eat it? To be healthy! Duh! Now hear me out. Obviously a [...]


Hi There!

So after months of useless contemplating, I decided to stop planning and start “doing”. And so I did. I started a blog. I start this blog at a point in my life where I want to try new things, change old habits, explore healthier options and…aahh who am I kidding? FOOD!! I want to cook [...]